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Sometimes it happens, and usually on a weekend, or at 2 in the morning. Don't worry, we're on it.

In fact, you won't ever know half the stuff that happens because we got it before it could get you.

But when it DOES hit the fan, as they say, "you've got a friend"

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Johniene Papandreas - Gallery Voyeur

PRIEST by Johniene Papandreas-www.voy-art.com

     "If only one could receive the level of hands-on technical support and responsibility I get from Deirdre Smith and Spinning Frog, everywhere! The world would be a better place."

     "Deirdre Smith believes her success is a reflection of her client's success and with her support and guidance over the past 6 years, my business now operates it's on-line presence with a confidence and stability I never imagined possible"

     "When I need help, she is immediately responsive and the many "backstage" operations that I know are required to keep servers up and running without interruption to her clients are performed seamlessly and invisibly"

     "If you want to sleep at night, I recommend you get Spinning Frog on the job, because, evidently, they do not"

Johniene Papandreas