Who is Spinning Frog?

Sure, we have banks of servers buried deep underground somewhere in Iowa all doing your bidding, but we are way more than our hardware.

We have a whole team at your disposal and each valued member brings something special, and specialized, to the party. You've heard the terms "sys admin" "bitmaster" "blah blah" but what the heck to these folks actually do for you?

We don't just have one guy wearing a bunch of hats and dancing as fast as he can. We match the right person to the specialized task at hand. We insist on a strong work ethic from our team members and you can be assured we will not stop until your problem is solved or solution implemented.

Our experienced and talented professionals take on the problems that "bargain" hosting companies cannot solve.

"Security, bandwidth, backups, storage space."

Spinning Frog excels in providing outstanding customer service. I have been contracting with server companies for many years and Spinning Frog by far is the best professional organization I have ever used. This company continually and reliably exceeds my expectations. Spinning Frog is responsive and insightful as well as committed to learning what our business needs are. They assist us in developing action plans that are affordable, realistic and cutting edge. In addition, whenever I have a server problem or question the staff always responds in a respectful and helpful manner never making me feel insecure or unknowledgeable. They are available by email and telephone 24-7 and always get back to me in a reasonable time frame. People at Spinning Frog take the time to explain my company's technology options. Services are delivered in a professional manner and every contact is businesslike. They really care about working with me and in turn I highly recommend them as the number one company I have ever worked with. Their attention to detail is heartening and I am always sure that anything I ask them to do is done properly and promptly and, more importantly, confirmed to me so efficiently that I have a lot less to worry about than would normally be the case with other business support people with whom I deal.

Marilyn Jackson